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SPEKTRUM analyses information in different light wavelength ranges. The combination of different light types allows the identification of foreign colours, CSP, as well as heat-resistant and/ or fluorescent (lead containing) special glasses, which are then reliably and efficiently separated by air-blast nozzles that respond with millisecond accuracy. Colour analysis now up to nine base colours. SPEKTRUM SCOPE is equipped with a new NIR sensor. Special glass types, among others borosilicate glass, also can be reliably detected.
Glass sorter


The K9 BASIC / K9 FLASH colour separator is used
for the colour separation of cullets and CSP separation
from a grain size of 2 mm. It is mainly used for quality improvement in the recycling of fine glass, hollow glass, and flat glass in a predominantly single coloured cullet flow, e.g. in white or brown glass enrichment. In addition, the colour separator also offers the option of obtaining high-quality single colour fractions from mixtures of differently coloured shards. K9 FLASH also detects heat resistant and/or leaded special glass types.

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