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Sorting Food

Food sorter


The QUASAR has a 360 mm chute (the widest on the market) and features the next generation of 4k full-colour cameras, with the highest optical resolution and the innovative “True-Color” technology to maintain perfect colour and optical definition even on the smallest products. The processing speed is lightning fast, with a scan rate of up to 40 kHz and the new Sniper ejector algorithm, which drastically reduces product losses. Thanks to the Intelligent Learning system, creating a program is as simple as taking a snapshot of a contaminated product sample. The QUASAR automatically understands what is the good product and suggests what should be rejected. A simple confirmation on the screen and the program is created.
Food sorter

ASM Vision

The Vision is a proven and versatile optical sorter. Available in several configurations, including Full-Color, Tri-Chromatic and Multi-Spectral, and with a wide range of options. Customers can focus on what they really need and tailor the machine to their precise requirements, saving on options and components they wouldn’t use. With more than 600 machines in operation all around the world, and constant upgrades, Vision sorters are a solid and proven choice for more than 100 different applications.

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