S&S Inspection Making sure it's pure plastic

Metal Detection Plastics

Splittable metal detector


Easy to install on existing conveyors, with no need to split the conveyor belt. For bulk flow and item detection. High noise immunity and metal free area, optimum for exisitng installations. Special software to cope with aluminium coated materials.
Metal detector for rubber


A metal detector specifically designed for the inspection of tyre rubber. Designed to reduce expensive machinery failure through the detection of metallic contaminants in rubber feedstock or sheet.
Plate metal detector


Single face design enables easy integration under existing conveyor belts or chutes. For detection of metal up to a material height of 100mm. Zero metal free zone minimises interference from surrounding metal framework. Detection
of ferrous and non ferrous metals.
Under belt metal detector


Can be mounted above or below conveyor or material chutes, machinery protection for granulators, shredders, crushers and calendars, also used in wood, textile and chemical industries.

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