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Column Metal Detection Plastics

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The column metal detector PROTECTOR is installed directly over the feeder of an injection moulder, an extruder or a blow moulder. It detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants. Metal contaminants are rejected via the separation unit.
Column metal detector

Protector - MF

Small metal particles in molten plastic can cause expensive and time-consuming damage to extruders, injection and blow moulding machinery. The use of plastic re-granulate increases so does the probability of metal contamination, potentially causing blockages in nozzles and filters.
The cost of repairing an extruder spiral or cylinder damaged by just one
single larger piece of metal is many times more expensive than the cost of a
Column metal detector

Protector - Professional

The special design of the PROTECTOR PROFESSIONAL guarantees highest scanning sensitivity for smallest metal particles even under high mechanical loads, which may result from high superstructural assemblies, for example when various conveying, dosing, mixing, or feeding units are used simultaneously. The design with integrated reinforcing
frame ensures that the high-performance detection
unit is in unaffected by vertical mechanical forces.

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