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Column Magnets Plastics

Column magnet


The SAFEMAG magnet system is equipped with three magnet rods to ensure best possible contact between product and magnet. Ease of handling and cleaning are features of this magnet separator. The compact (60mm)
aluminium block design allows the installation of material loaders, mixing and
dosing units directly on the magnet separator.
Column magnet

Extractor - SE

This magnet system has a low installation height (165 mm) and customer-specific connections to facilitate retrofitting. The magnet separator is of a highly sturdy design and is able to take static loads of up to 500 kg. With its special design the EXTRACTOR-SE does not allow any depositing of plastic granulate, which is important in case of a colour or material change.
Column magnet


Permanent-magnetic grid magnets of type GMT & GML predominantly are used in the plastics and recycling industries for the separation of coarse ferrous contaminants in columns. Ferrous particles are filtered out of the bulk material while the rest of the material passes the magnet grid. These are low cost and easily retrofittable.

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