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X-Ray inspection coffee metalized packs

The business of Sesotec´s reference customer Khao Shong Group Co.,Ltd. is coffee blending. Over the years Khao Shong has developed the perfect manufacture process to ensure the optimal flavour of coffee.

Committed to nature and to the efficient use of resources this customer also strives to achieve highest quality. They were thus able to establish themselves in the market and to win the confidence of various OEM customers for whom they produce today.

In the production of coffee mix (3in1 instant coffee, milk powder and sugar) fragmented metal particles from processing machines might contaminate the product. If this coffee mix – as is the case with this customer – is packed in metallized packs it is difficult to detect metal particles with conventional metal detection methods. Therefore, this company was looking for alternative methods for contaminant detection.

The RAYCON X-Ray inspection system from Sesotec is able to detect even smallest metal particles in metallized packs and to sort out contaminated products. Faulty activations are systematically avoided. It is quite easy to make such statements, but Sesotec in an extensive test run at the customer's plant also provided proof of the system's performance.

Says Chana Chiralerspong, Managing Director from Khao Shong Group Co.,Ltd.: "Sesotec's X-Ray technology at present is the best technology to meet the high demands of our quality management. And the experience we have in the meantime made with Sesotec's customer service further confirmed our decision for the RAYCON system."

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