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GF4000 for American Flour Mill

Founded in the mid-80s, this reference customer is among the top five milling companies in the US with mills across the country. They specialise in several kinds of wheat-flour serving the national market. Today, belonging to an Asian group, this company also offers services that include development of formulations and specific blend.

The Problem:
Food safety without dust formation and loss of good material
Pneumatic conveying is common within the milling industry to move large volumes of products. This firm was looking for a metal detection solution to provide enhancements to their food safety initiatives (GFSI) within the challenge of pneumatically conveying the finished product to bulk carriers. This was no easy task considering that the conveying pipes are operated with a pressure of 1.7 bars and a linear speed up to 4000 FPM.

Previous locations for installation of detection systems have been in front of, or at the exit of, these pneumatic lines. Previous systems were cumbersome, create dust with a lot of product waste, therefore installation at this part of the process was often deemed too difficult. This left a gap in the food safety coverage of the flour mill.

The Solution:
Metal detector GF400 specially developed for the pressure conveying line with high conveying speed
After evaluation of several metal detectors from different manufacturers, our reference customer decided to go for the GF 4000 from Sesotec. This system rose to the top of the selection list because it detects and automatically rejects metal from within the pneumatic line.

The Outcome:
Automatic separation of metals in the pneumatic line
When testing with test bodies, the device could convince to 100 percent, without generating any false rejects. By installing the GF4000, the company could close a gap in production security. They are also impressed with the robust construction of the GF 4000, derived from German technology with engineering suitable for the demands of North American customers.

Best colour sorting technology ensures purest seeds

The „Experimental Station for Special Cultures“ in Wies in southwest Styria in Austria, is a renowned institution of the province of Styria. For more than five decades the experimental station has been a reliable partner of vegetable and horticultural businesses. Practical experimental work provides results for vegetable producers, commercial gardeners and herb companies. A further focus is the preservation of old, rare crop varieties. The product range comprises around 700 species and varieties of herb and vegetable seeds.

Sorting of seeds is time-consuming and costly

The work of the experimental station is characterised by practical experiments, special cultures are examined in small quantities and many different batches make the process complex. In addition, the seeds to be processed are differentiated according to size, colour and shape as well as to different degrees of contamination. The manual sorting of the seeds is time-consuming and causes very high personnel costs.

Highly modern colour sorting technology for small seed quantities

Sesotec ASM supplied the intelligent optical sorter QUASAR 1000 for the sorting of small seeds quantities. Thanks to the high-resolution true-colour cameras, the device can detect the finest colour differences with the highest precision and eliminate off-colours. This guarantees maximum purity with minimum loss of good material.

The sorter is very compact, the operation is easy to understand. Additional benefits are the good price-performance ratio and the excellent quality.

High-quality seed with less time and personnel costs

The installation of the intelligent optical sorter QUASAR 1000 has significantly improved the cleaning process in the test station in terms of accuracy and speed. The pre-cleaning is still carried out with simple devices, the post-sorting is no longer necessary and saves personnel costs. The whole process takes less time and gives a very high seed purity.
„Until now, we have sorted the seeds by hand and our team was busy with it for days. Definitely, the new sorter makes our work easier, which we are very pleased about,“ emphasises test station manager Doris Lengauer. "We are also very satisfied with the machine in terms of price-performance, operability and product results, as well as with the support provided by the Sesotec staff“.

Freefall Metal detector for Pasta Lines

What has once started as a small bakery has until today grown into a medium-size family owned company that produces pasta in various forms, sauces and several ready-made products. In this big industrial company on an area of more than 20,000 m sq. about 150 employees are producing products of perfect quality under highest technical and hygienic standards. This company just outside Munich required a metal detector with a focus primarily in detection. In the enquiry from Bernbacher, quality assurance was the most important factor. According to the customer´s description a system should be used to inspect pasta filling at the end of a production line. The desired sensitivities that should be reached were defined and were the incentive for the upcoming test for the company.

The tests were performed with pasta in a free fall application, using a P-SCAN RS 170 metal detector. For this application the metal detector with round aperture of the P-SCAN Series was exactly the right solution, highly stable in sounding metal metal work. This system was perfectly matched to the customer specific requirements and was be easily integrated.

Only a few tests were necessary because right from the start the results were quite clear. The customer´s requirements concerning the desired scanning sensitivities could be exceeded by far and the customer also was highly satisfied with clear and hygienic design. In addition to all the technical criteria and the positive results, the excellent service and the perfect project handling also were decisive for the decision for a continuing cooperation with Sesotec.

X-Ray inspection coffee metalized packs

The business of Sesotec´s reference customer Khao Shong Group Co.,Ltd. is coffee blending. Over the years Khao Shong has developed the perfect manufacture process to ensure the optimal flavour of coffee.

Committed to nature and to the efficient use of resources this customer also strives to achieve highest quality. They were thus able to establish themselves in the market and to win the confidence of various OEM customers for whom they produce today.

In the production of coffee mix (3in1 instant coffee, milk powder and sugar) fragmented metal particles from processing machines might contaminate the product. If this coffee mix – as is the case with this customer – is packed in metallized packs it is difficult to detect metal particles with conventional metal detection methods. Therefore, this company was looking for alternative methods for contaminant detection.

The RAYCON X-Ray inspection system from Sesotec is able to detect even smallest metal particles in metallized packs and to sort out contaminated products. Faulty activations are systematically avoided. It is quite easy to make such statements, but Sesotec in an extensive test run at the customer's plant also provided proof of the system's performance.

Says Chana Chiralerspong, Managing Director from Khao Shong Group Co.,Ltd.: "Sesotec's X-Ray technology at present is the best technology to meet the high demands of our quality management. And the experience we have in the meantime made with Sesotec's customer service further confirmed our decision for the RAYCON system."

X-ray Inspection Tuna Fillets

Sesotec RAYCON with high-performance and long-life X-ray tubes for high detection requirements.

A processor of cooked and frozen tuna filet, active on the Indonesian market for almost 10 years, exports its products to other Asian countries to Europe and to the USA. The company processes 25,000 t of tuna every year in a factory built according to international standards.

The company is convinced that the key to success is a balance in the chain of supplier, producer and consumer. Therefore, their mission is to grow step by step together with their suppliers and to achieve the satisfaction of their customers for whom health and food safety have priority. Sesotec with its RAYCON X-Ray inspection system contributes to the improvement of food purity.

In this case the concrete detection requirements were particularly high and at the same time it was not allowed to change the dimensions of the inspected tuna blocks. This could be met thanks to the flexible configuration of the X-Ray inspection system in a version with 80 KV X-ray source. The customer can now inspect his standard blocks and benefits from highest detection accuracy – no matter whether the contaminants are metals, stones, glass or plastics whose specific density differs from the density of tuna.

“Our requirements for the detection of contaminations were very high but the constant reliability that the RAYCON system demonstrated in the tests compared to competitor
systems made the decision easy for us,“ says the Production Manager.

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