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S&S Inspection Ltd

Welcome to S&S Inspection - we provide precision in-line inspection and separation equipment for contaminant detection and materials sorting for the food, plastics and recycling industries.

Food Inspection

We have a range of metal detection, X-ray inspection and magnet technology for the detection and separation of foreign bodies. All of our end of line inspection equipment complies with the latest Retailer Codes of Practice such as Tesco and M&S, in addition to BRC and HACCP.

Plastics Inspection

Our metal detection and magnetic systems are designed to detect fragments of metal and separate them from the product. Protecting valuable production equipment, tooling and minimises down-time. Rapid integration into process equipment for the plastics, rubber and chemical industries.

Sorting Equipment

Purity of recycled material is key to efficient recycling. Our separation and sorting systems use innovative sensors and image capture software to sort food, plastics, glass, metal, electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) into valuable products.
Compact X-ray system
Metal detector conveyor
Metal detector head
Vacuum & pressure pipeline
Free-fall metal detector
Metal detector for liquids
Metal detector for slurries
Magnet for liquids
Freefal metal detector
Splittable metal detector
Plate metal detector
Under belt metal detector
Pressure or vacuum metal detector
Pipeline magnet
Column metal detector
Column metal detector
Food sorter
Glass sorter
Glass sorter
Multi sensor sorter
Compact multisensor sorter
Flake sorter

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